Friday, September 12, 2014


Hi! my name is yaya. If I could go anywhere in the world on a dream vacation, Maui “The Magic Isle” of Hawaii, would most certainly be the place I would choose and I would like to travel with my awesome friends and my lovely boyfriend. The thought of lying on the beaches in the blazing sun on the world’s known “Best Island” gives me all the desire to go to Maui, Hawaii. Not only do the heavenly beaches grab my attention, but also the breathtaking scenery Maui offers along with all the finest sights and attractions waiting to be explored. Maui definitely resembles my ultimate dream vacation for these reasons.One of the reasons I would love to go to Maui is because Maui is known to have world-famous beaches consisting of thirty miles of the most stunning beaches all filled with white soft sand, clear sparkling water, and tall palm trees swaying in the wind. The feeling of the fluffy white sand between my toes immediately puts a smile on my face. Instantly, all I want to do is lie there to get a natural golden tan. Lying there on the beach while listening to the waves rumble and the palm trees sway puts me in the ultimate relaxation stage. The gorgeous view of the ocean sets in the background as I dose off in the glaring sun. Relaxing on the beach is all I really need to satisfy me on vacation so why not relax on one of the most stunning beaches world-wide.However, there are a few activities that take part at Maui’s beaches other than just relaxing. Maui offers activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. I can image the colorfully assorted types of fish swimming throughout the clear waters while I’m striving to stay calm as sharks glide by. Examining all the popular reefs would be very striking yet fascinating to see the actual coral formations. These two activities help one see the unseen side of Maui down under.So these are the reason why I want to go to Hawaii. I really wish that I can go to Hawaii. Because its always been my dream vacation. 

Hello, My name is Rabi. Talking about vacation, it’s a lie if you say you have only one favorite place to go. For me I have tones, but I have to choose the best which is Paris.So let me explain briefly about vation. So what is vacation? A vacation or holiday is a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. People often take vacation during specific holiday or celebrations. Vacation are often spent with family or friends. For me my dream vacation would be is the capital and most popular city of France. Situatated on the Seine River, in the north of the country. Paris have the most beautiful and romantic of all cities, brimming with historic associations and remaining vastly influential in culture, art,design and fashion. Other that that, Paris also known as the Capital Of Fashion. It is because of their world finest and most luxurious fashion designers and cosmetics.If Iwent there, I would shop till I drop.Besidse, Paris is known for their Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, The Louvre (Mona Lisa) and many more.Talking about The Louvre, The Louvre is the world's most visited art museum, housing many works of art, including the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo statue. There are hundreds of museums in Paris. Works by Pablo Picasso and Auguste Rodin are found there. How I wish to visit every museums. I think that’s all, if I continue writing maybe it won’t fit in the page.I hope I can visit Paris after my studies or after I got married. It always been my dream vacation to be there since I was little.

Hi! My name is Athirah.Throughout my life I want have the chance to travel to the places I have wanted to go to. The first place that I would want to travel to is Australia. I have never been there, but I have heard so many good things about that place. I would like to go to college out there, but I don't think that is going to happen. Some reasons why I want to go there is because there are many physical factors. Australia is a part of continent, oceanic. It is a big country with many attractions. Australia seems to have such a great environments to take a vacation to. Sydney, Australia is not the only hot spot in the country. Australia has many unique and interesting places for anyone to visit and have a great experience with all the animals, historical sites, restaurants, forests, deserts, and oceans that they have.  I am going to tell you what attracts me such that I want to go Australia. First stop, Sydney. When you think of Sydney you either think of Finding Nemo or you think of the Sydney Harbor Bridge next to the Opera House. According to Tourism Australia you can take a kayak ride underneath the Sydney Harbor bridge after passing the beautiful and unique Opera House, and if kayaking is not for you than maybe a ferry ride or a boat ride along the river. Sydney also has more than seventy beaches to visit making it difficult to find the best one to go to, let alone choose which one to go to. Tourism Australia also mentions how you can picnic, swim and bushwalk the beach in Sydney Harbor National Park. Maybe go sailing or kayaking to get up close and personal to the wildlife.I would have lunch at a restaurant and go enjoy the beach waiting to see the sunset. The place would be beautiful and poetic.I would end the day going back to the city to go shopping or just looking around the city but the most important thing is I would want to go with my family.

Hi! My name is Nadiatul Adawiyyah. Here are my dream vacation. I want have chances to travel to the places that I wanted to go. The place is Maldives, Australia. The beauty of beach that attract me to travel to this place. I have never been there before and that is why I am always searching about that place. There are many reasons why I want to go there. It is because, there have a cruise boat that can take us to some world-renowned dive sites, as well as fishing trips, excursions to unhabited islands and also to inhabited ones to give you a glimpse into the local way of life. Some specialise in diving and others in surfing, while some liveaboards simply offer guests the chance to put their feet up and enjoy doing nothing! The other thing is surfing season which in on May to October that runs at the opposite time of year to diving season, although surfing can also be found during the rest of the year but the waves may be flatter. The colourful coral reefs are bursting with marine life in volumes like no other place, with typical neighbours including angelfish, surgeonfish, napoleon wrasse, parrotfish and oriental sweetlips. Baby reef sharks are often spotted in shallow resort lagoons while more mature reef sharks including white tips and black tips are usually spotted in the drop-offs and channels. There are many places that I love to travel to but the main places is still Maldives. Maldives would be my dream vacation. I want to see the beautiful beach and island there at Maldives.I would like to wait and see those places some other time. 

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