Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The moment I became a college student

Many people seem to believe that college students have it really easy. When we were in high school, we couldn’t wait until we graduate. Everyone always told us that college will be so much fun, and it was so much easier than high school. We dreamed of a college life that we would have. We realised, being in the first year of college, that the life be a lot tougher. Never we imagine as a college student will be very difficult. College is extremely expensive. This puts a lot of pressure on the students as well as the parents. College costs leave the students in abundance amount of debt once we've graduated.

Our life started on June 21st 2014 (Registration day). There were four of us. From left, Rabiatul Adawiyah(Rabi), Nor Athirah Nordin(Tirah), Nurhidayah(Yaya) and last but not least is Nadiatul Adawiyah(Nad). We did not expect that the four of us will meet each other again after school. We were extremely happy when we knew that we were in the same course and even in the same class. After we greeted each other, we went to the registration table and registered our name. The four of us checked-in at the hostel and what a coincidence! We were placed in the same house. After we had done registered, all of us went to the hostel. Our parents helped us carried all of our things to the room. While our parents met each other in the living room, four of us unpacked our stuff and arranged it in the closet. That night, all of us could not sleep well. It is because we missed our parents, it's because our room was too hot and we were sweating like a pig and it was very uncomfortable. Since we cannot sleep, we started talking about the KPTM, the building, the lecturer and more. We kept on chatting and all of us dozed off without realizing.

The next morning, Yaya was the first girl who woke up. She kept on searching for her phone to see what time is it. Suddenly, Yaya screamed. "We are late for orientation!" all of us got up from the bed, we were in a rush. We did not forget to shower but we forgot about the most important things like our identity card(I/C) because it is our first time in hostel and we can't settle things up by ourselves. Our parents used to do our stuff and woke us up early in the morning but now, it is different. In college, you must be independent and nobody is going to do it for you, unless you do it by yourself. Then, there was no water on the last night at our hostel and we had to hose the water from the water tank. We had to wait for our turn to collect the water and then take a shower. What a bad day for us! We know it is kind of hard for us to accept these new environment that we have been through, but soon we will be doing fine, InshaAllah!

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Madam Nik said...

Not bad for your first blog, well done! Keep on surprising me with another fun and interesting entries, i'm looking forward for it! :-)